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Mark J. Smith, Senior Pastor

A pictur of the Senior Pastor

                                   Inspired by God, Mark answered                                           the call of God to the pastorate and                                     to pioneer a church in the North                                          Omaha area. His heart is to see                                      people's lives changed through the power of  Jesus Christ. He has learned how to apply the prayer of agreement and has seen many people receive miraculous answers from God. He is a genuine teacher of the Word of God and loves to teach others in and out of the pulpit. He knows how to simplify God's Word without watering it down or losing its true meaning. He has a hunger for the supernatural things of God and enjoys spending lots of time studying the Bible. A couple of his famous quotes are "Simple obedience will always remedy any circumstance" and "Obedience will touch the heart of God like nothing else."


He received his ministerial training through Global University and is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God. He is loyal to God, his family and the congregation he serves. He is a pastor with a pastor's heart.


Mark enjoys reading, singing, fishing, traveling and spending time with his wife. 

Dorarena Smith, Co-Pastor

A picture of the co-pastor

Dorarena is a dedicated minister

who received her training from

Global University and was the

Reflection Speaker for her

graduating class.  She is ordained by the Assemblies of God and has spent 23 years as a stay-at-home mom. She now works alongside her husband to lead their church, preaching and teaching the Word of God while also handling administrative tasks. 

Dorarena has a heart for empowering and mentoring teen girls and women. She is the CEO and founder of the non-profit organization Women of Wisdom, Inc. for this purpose, and is also a conference speaker, mentor, counselor, and encourager. She has a prophetic anointing and delights in spending time in prayer, both alone and with others. Above all, she is loyal to God, her family, and the congregation she serves. 

In her free time, Dorarena enjoys reading, singing, writing songs, trying out new recipes, and especially spending time with her husband, adult children, and grandchildren.

Team Work

Pastors Mark & Dorarena Smith

Mark and Dorarena, both pastors, have served in various capacities over the years, including children's ministry, altar ministry, youth ministry, Bible studies, counseling, royal rangers, and women's ministry.


They have experienced firsthand the power of God through healing, miracles, and other supernatural manifestations. Growing up in North Omaha, they have a unique story of how they found Jesus and how God brought them together and called them to ministry.


Married for over 31 years, they have 8 adult children, 6 sons, 2 daughters, and 22 grandchildren.

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